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The Difference Between Dishnetwork And Directv.

Two satellite tv providers are present in the United States, DirecTV and Dish Network. They are almost identical, with both clamoring to offer as many HD (high-definition) channels as possible, and DVR (digital video recording) capabilities. Over 250 channels are available from both providers. How can one decide which one to go for then ? One will find that the main differences are the subscription fees and programming. Here is a brief comparison of the two providers.

Just like Dish Network, DirecTV offers every customer a free dish and receiver. If you want a DVR Receiver from DirecTV you have to fork out. However, the charge for an HD Receiver is an astounding $299.99. With dish satellite tv you will not have to pay for either piece of equipment.

DirecTV fairs slightly better when it comes to the amount of channels they offer, when compared to www dishnetwork com. They have more sports packages, such as one that caters to soccer and rugby, for example. Packages start at $29.99 a month, with no extra charges for local channels. Dish Network is the victor when it comes to international programming, offering packages in Italian, Farsi, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Urdu, just to name a few. Thuan Viet, a Vietnamese channel, is available exclusively on Dish Network. Dish Network's packages start at a mere $19.99 per month, with an additional $5 for local channels. These local channels are available in HD in most major cities.

Both DirecTV and Dish Network pass with flying colors when it comes to customer service. Their help-desks are accessible 24-hours via telephone or through the telephone. Customer service is at hand 7 days a week.

J.D Power & Associates ranked Dish Network the leader in customer satisfaction.

Both these satellite tv providers offer excellent programming for your home. With Dish Network expect to get more in the form of international channels (if desired), as well as movie packages. Together, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime offer just over 30 channels. If you are a sports lover then DirecTV would probably be the best option for you.




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