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Free Music Downloads

Everyone likes and craves free music downloads. There are sites galore with every possible format for the music aficionado to choose as their favorite free music download site. Presently in the USA, many of them only offer a limited offering of free music. These are primarily the top ten singles of only the most popular kinds of music. Furthermore, a person can?t download the ?free? music but only listen to it courtesy of an embedded mpeg player provided by the webpage.

A particular webpage,, lists nine optimum criteria. I have reviewed a website claiming to provide free tunes and have used these criteria to rate them wherever possible., is organized by categories such as ?what?s hot, news, shop, artists, music, movies and videos, tickets and UBL (stands for Ultimate Band List).? This location does not come close to meeting the first criteria, that of being ?convenient to download?.

Primarily because you can?t download a single song free, the embedded mpeg player has no function to ?save? the file as something else on your computer. While this site meets the second criteria of not requiring subscription dues, it failed in being able to provide ?100%? of your favorite music. I love Celtic music, preferably bagpipes, gospel, folk, and jazz in that order. It was able to easily provide a jazz selection. There was no gospel available and could only provide a link to the most recent single of ?The Chieftains?. This link could not offer a free listen but was only an advertisement.

Videos are available to purchase and there are a few accompanying a particular single. However, they cannot be downloaded freely to your computer, just like the audio mpeg. There wasn?t an easy way to find out what the site?s ?cash-back guarantee? was. I don?t know how proficient their support system is for website problems but I think that it matches their inability to provide a wide range of music types. Therefore it would be wise to be cautious about sharing one?s membership information with them. In fairness, I mention that they did promise not to reveal personal information to third parties. Last, I wasn?t able to enjoy my favorite musical selection because free music downloads with no credit card needed just doesn?t exist anymore within the USA.




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