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Speed Picking Guitar

By Bob Molton

Guitar Speed Picking Techniques
Hello guitar heads! Robert Lee Molton here, coming at you with some killer insider information on "Speed Picking Guitar".

Have you ever wondered how guitarists play so clean and fast with articulate picking control? This is an issue that has many of us scratching our heads, and some of us flat out stumped!!

There is a solution that works for everyone, if you want it bad enough.

The formula is simply this:
Right and left hand synchronization + Practice = Fast smooth playing!

I know, I know, it may sound obvious, but it's only when you really start to analyze this process slowly, that you will begin to see the issues that can cause serious long-term problems. Ultimately the goal is to achieve un-interrupted flow.






You must pay close attention to what's happening with your left and right hand, if you want to gain real speed in the end.

There is a difference between playing fast, and just flat out ripping! I think you know what I mean. It's much like turning on the water faucet. Free flowing with no restriction.

Friends, I'm here to tell you this does not have to be an issue for you any longer, once you fully understand how to practice properly.

You see, whether it's rock and roll, country, jazz, or blues etc...the pro's all have one thing in common, their left and right hands are in perfect sync with each other on command. This means they're able to use their speed picking techniques when desired, including many other types of techniques as well.

Note: Always view your techniques as tools. This is critical.


Tools are needed to complete any kind of project. Guitar playing is no different. Tools, or (techniques), are needed to complete a guitar solo or guitar lead structure within a song. Speed Picking is only one of many tools used.

Having said this, let's look at some problem issues that you might be facing when speed picking.

1. Is one of your hands faster than the other, such as your picking hand picking faster than your fretting hand can fret, or your fretting hand fretting faster than your picking hand can pick??
2. Do you find yourself restricted to going up and down scales for speed purposes?
3. Do you sometimes stumble when trying to play fast
4. Do you feel out of control when you play fast?
5. Do you feel like you're in a rut at times?






All of these things are very common for guitar players; it's a part of natural growth as a guitarist. However, there comes a time in every guitar players learning path when they discover how to practice properly, and where to focus your efforts for maximum results.

The first thing I recommend is getting a metronome. This is something you'll use forever. The metronome is the key to your success. It's how you'll monitor your progress as well as pinpointing where you are right now.

Play a fast repetitive style guitar lick that you are comfortable with, and find out where you max out on the metronome. For example you might play a lick that matches up on the metronome at 128 beats per minute.

Once you have that number in mind, begin to work on the same lick by reverse engineering it.

Start playing it slower and slower and slower until it's almost stopping. Make this last for several minutes.
While you're doing this focus extremely hard on exactly what the left and right hand are doing together at the same time. Each little mechanical movement your fingers make, you want to try and register in your brain. The flow, and sensation of what it feels like to mechanically work both hands together.
Do this for several minutes very slow. It will take some getting use to when trying to concentrate that hard, but you need to do it. It's critical.

This is where all the guitar speed and guitar tone come from, the lick needs to be embedded clearly in the brain, as to what the left and right hand are doing EXACTLY.

Once you feel you have control over that, at a slow speed, start playing a little faster and then a little faster until you get back to the original (max out) number you started with on the metronome.

Continue playing the lick for 2 full minutes, going up one increment at a time on the metronome. Do Not Cheat! Again, this is crucial. 2 full minutes per increment. No less.

As you continue to climb, be sure to stop when you know your getting over your head. It needs to be in perfect sync or just stop on that number. That is the number you are going to try and beat every day. You must practice the same exact way every time, for this to work properly.

If done correctly, you'll see amazing results in days!! If you want to achieve guitar star/rock star status, this is the path you'll be taking.

There are several other points of interest that should be addressed that will also help increase your speed picking, such as...
" Alternate picking only
" Picking on the very tip of the pick
" Having a pivot point to work from
" Equal picking attack on up and down strokes
" Where to actually place the pick on the string for tone purposes
" What type of picks to use
" Etc...

If you're interested in seeing speed picking techniques demonstrated, you'll be very pleased with the "Speed Picking Instructional DVD" from Top Fuel Guitar, Titled: "Speed Picking Techniques".
This DVD explains many of the crucial elements involved in accurate speed picking. Though it's used to develop amazing speed, keep in mind it will clean up your guitar picking overall, not just fast playing.
I hope this helps take your playing to the next level.

Until Next time,
Bob Molton
President -



About The Author: Occupation: Musician - Guitar instructional products by: Bob Molton - President of

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