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The Classical Guitar is the perfect Instrument for a Child to learn

By Will Kalif

There is no arguing with the fact that teaching a child to learn an instrument is something that can potentially bring him or her a lifetime of joy and enrichment. But keeping a child interested in practicing can be a challenge. Among all the instruments that a child can learn how to play the classical guitar is among the best. Here are the reasons.

The classical guitar takes advantage of the allure of the rock star. Every child is familiar with pop music and every child who is interested in playing an instrument would probably take very quickly to playing the guitar. Any child would be quick to brag to his or her friends that he is learning to play the guitar. It is a highly romanticized instrument and this is what I call the allure of the Rock Star. You can take advantage of this attraction to popular music by teaching a child to play classical guitar.







Playing classical guitar is a bit different than playing pop and rock but there are some distinct advantages to classical guitar. The child will learn the fundamentals of sound music theory and will focus on learning how to read sheet music. Along the way the child will learn the basics of classical music.

But he or she will not lose interest in playing because while the classical guitar is a good instrument for learning theory, history, ability, and classical music, it is also an instrument that offers an incredible range of pieces to play in many genres. With the ability to play classical guitar comes the ability to play in every other genre that the guitar is played in.

He or she will be able to play pop, rock, easy listening, country, jazz, blues, or any other type of music where a guitar is used. It is because of this wide variety of music that will be available to the student that he or she will be much more prone to continue practicing and continue playing. And this is another great reason why the classical guitar will bring a lifetime of enjoyment and enrichment. As the child grows and his musical tastes change the guitar can be right there through all the changes.






There are also some very pragmatic reasons for the classical guitar .

Portability: The classical guitar is something that can be carried to and from lessons and to and from a friend's house. Classical Guitars are also made in half size and three quarter size which gives young children the ability to play on an instrument more suited for their small hands.
Expense: professional guitars can be very expensive and run into the thousands of dollars but with the popularity of the guitar as an instrument there is a tremendous selection of inexpensive yet well made guitars. An adequate first guitar can usually be found in the fifty to a hundred dollar range.

Quiet Instrument: the classical guitar is an instrument that can be played in a room without the music being intrusive to other people in the house.

What if there is no classical guitar instructor in your town or city?

Upon the surface or during an initial look this may be true; there may be no official classical guitar instructors available to you but there is no doubt a large list of teachers who teach rock guitar. And one thing about the genre of rock and rock guitarists is that they have a reverence for classical guitarists because classical guitarists are renowned for their technical ability -classical guitarists are simply great guitarists and any rock guitarist can probably name his favorite classical guitarists. To overcome the lack of an official classical guitar instructor you can simply ask rock guitar instructors if they are willing to take on a child that wants to learn classical guitar. Many of them will jump at the chance because it will also broaden their horizons and musical ability.

But there is one question you should ask any potential rock guitar instructor. Make sure that he or she can read sheet music reasonably well. This is of paramount importance for learning classical guitar. Some instructors may not fit this requirement because rock guitarists often learn their craft through ear training and using tablature, which is a notation form of music. This type of instructor wouldn't be suitable for a student of classical guitar.

The classical guitar sometimes has the reputation of being a bit of a high-class instrument. But it is an instrument that crosses all genres of music and if you are considering the classical guitar for you child I applaud your decision. It is an instrument that can bring him or her a lifetime of musical enrichment and enjoyment.


About The Author:  About The Author: Will Kalif has been playing classical guitar for over twenty years. If you would like to learn more about the beautiful classical guitar visit his website at: The Classical Guitarist

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