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Guitar Made Simple


Product Recommendation

As you may already know, this course is brand new and only in its first few months of release.  Guitar Made Simple was developed by internationally acclaimed recording artist Chris Standring (who wrote the proven jazz guitar method "Play What You Hear").

Now we have even more exciting news!  Chris has been kind enough to extend our special discount of 30% to all member of the GuitaroJam Newsletter for a further few weeks.  This means that GuitaroJam subscribers can buy this incredible package for only $69.95.  Once this special promotion is finished, the price will revert to its normal $97.

The early feedback on this program has been absolutely outstanding.  With the Guitar Made Simple method, you can learn to play electric and acoustic guitar quickly and easily.  It's  the most amazing step-by-step interactive program available today.  Without a doubt this unique and brilliant method for beginners and intermediates is the future of guitar instruction.

After thoroughly researching the  websites, courses, methods and DVDs for learning guitar, Chris found that most of them discussed particular aspects of the guitar that the student could not fully absorb. In other words, in order to play this, one has to know that, and all too often that important knowledge is not discussed at all.  In short, most method were just way too scattered and not thorough enough.

'Guitar Made Simple' is an extremely well thought out beginners program, with a very thorough and personal approach to help you easily learn how to play the guitar... the right way!  So much more than trying to learn alone with just a book, this brilliant system connects with you as if an instructor is right with you in your own home.  Donít just take our word for it though, take a look for yourself and take advantage of the generous discount available to all GuitaroJam newsletter subscribers!

Click here to find out more - don't delay!   

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Guitar Made Simple - Unique Learning Course
30% discount on brilliant method for guitar beginners and intermadiates.  Limited time only! 
Dramatically Improve Your Guitar Skills
Top quality learning materials guaranteed to improve at all levels. Become a truly masterful player now!

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