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November 11th, 2005

  • Health:  Ouch, It Hurts When I Play (But Please Don't Tell Me To Stop!)
  • Artist:  Robert Johnson Still Stands At The Crossroads
  • Lessons:  Guitar Players - Learn About the Point of Discipline
  • Gigging:  Divide & Conquer - The Secret To Booking Gigs
  • Jamming:  Internet Jams
  • New Product:  Guitar Backing Tracks Online
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    November 25th, 2005

  • Health:  Playing Through Pain Needn't Break Strings
  • Artist:  Who's Playing What?  A Guide to the Guitars of the Pros
  • Lessons:  Basic Guitar Chords: How to Easily Master the Guitar Chords You Must Know
  • Gigging:  Top Ten Items You Need In Your Gig Bag
  • Gear:  Acoustic Guitars - Laminated Wood vs Solid Wood
  • New Product:  Guitar Backing Tracks Online
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    December 16th, 2005

  • Health:  Avoiding Injuries When Playing Guitar
  • Artist:  John Lennon - The Man and his Times
  • Learning:  Finding the Right Teacher
  • Recording:  Self Home Recording vs Paying a Recording Studio
  • Gear:  Flaming Guitars!  Minarik Fuels the Excitement of a New Generation of Musicians
  • Webmasters:  Colour Me Blue
  • Recommendation:  Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit
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