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January 17th, 2007

  • Health:  Performing Arts Medicine
  • Artists:  Women and Guitar
  • Learning:  The Classical Guitar is the Perfect Instrument for a Child to Learn
  • Lesson:  Speed Picking Guitar
  • Gigging:  Stage Fright.  Why Am I so Scared? What Can I do?
  • Songwriting: The Art of Writing a Good Song.
  • Hoges:  Jimmy Barnes to Have Open Heart Surgery
  • Recommendation:  Amazing Guitar Secrets
  • _____________________________

    March 31st, 2007

  • Health:  My Choice - A Personal Tinnitus Story
  • Artists:  Elvis Costello: Pondering A Signpost
  • Learning:  Talent is Over-Rated!  You Don't Need Natural Talent in Order To Become Great
  • Learning:  Learn Guitar Chords - 7 Secrets The Pros Use
  • Gigging:  Gig Tips For Success
  • Songwriting: The Music Industry and Songwriting
  • Hoges:  Vale Billy Thorpe
  • Recommendation:  Guitar Alliance














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