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January 14th, 2006

  • Free Stuff:  Download Free Metronome!
  • Health:  Guitar Changes In Response To Tendonitis
  • Artists:  Defining the True Artist - Do You Have What it Takes?
  • Learning:  Building a Relationship With Your Guitar
  • Lesson:  How To Play Slide Guitar
  • Gigging:  The Truth Behind Press Kits, Bios, and Controlling Your Image
  • Gear:  The Origins and Magic of Slide Guitar
  • Recording: How Does A Compressor Make An Audio Track Louder?
  • Recommendation:  Play What You Hear
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    January 31st, 2006

  • Health:  Discover The Chiropractic Advantage:  Avoid Guitarists' Repetitive Strain Injury For Good!
  • Artists:  Teddy Thompson - Ignore At Your Peril!
  • Learning:  Managing Your Time, When Music Isn't Your "Day Job"
  • Lesson:  "Every Breath" by Sting
  • Gigging:  Home Run Gigs
  • Gear:  How To Make A Cheap Guitar Sound Great
  • Recording: The Challenges of Recording Solo Acoustic Guitar
  • Recommendation:  Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit
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    February 16th, 2006

  • Health:  Discover Your Discomfort!  Why Are So Many Guitarists Masochists?
  • Artist:  Les Paul, 90, Wins Grammys
  • Learning:  Your Growth As A Guitarist: Vertical Or Horizontal
  • Learning:  Guitar: Learn Guitar By Not Playing Guitar
  • Gear:  Review of the Rivera Knucklehead Guitar Amp
  • Marketing:  Who Else Wants to Sky Rocket Their CD Sales, Fan base and Indie Music Career?
  • Recording:  What Is Pitch Correction? Can Singers Actually Sing Any More?
  • Recommendation: Guitar Made Simple
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    March 2nd, 2006

  • Health:  Cumulative Trauma Disorders In Musicians
  • Artist:  Bon Scott Love Letters To Be Sold
  • Learning:  The Secret Of Speed: Finding The "Incredible Lightness"
  • Lesson:  Learn to Play Guitar - Pinch Harmonics and Making Your Guitar Scream
  • Gear:  How To Mic An Electric Guitar
  • Gigging:  In Three Notes, Can You Name That Band?
  • Recording:  How to Create Backing Tracks If You Don't Play All the Instruments... or Any
  • Recommendation: Guitar Made Simple
  • Recommendation: Vocal Release
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    March 18th, 2006

  • Health:  Massage Therapy & Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Artist:  Super Troubador! Richard Thompson Live.
  • Gigging:  Guitar Performance - Make The Most Of It!
  • Learning:  Review Is Required!
  • Learning:  Playing With Conviction
  • Gear:  I Use Gibson Pickups. Why?
  • Songwriting:  Write Songs? or Right Songs?
  • Recommendation: Guitar Made Simple - Special Discount
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    April 3rd, 2006

  • Health:  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome In Guitarists
  • Artist:  Aerosmith Just Keeps On Rockin'.
  • Guitar Care:  Guitar Tuning Tips -- Keep Your Guitar Locked In Tune
  • Learning:  Reaching For The Soul Zone
  • Gear:  Guitars - The Parker Fly Guitar
  • Recording:  Music Production and Mixing Tips and Techniques
  • Recommendation:  Guitar Made Simple - Special Discount
  • New Product:  Learn 2 Play Guitar - 6 Pack with Master Resell Rights
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    April 17th, 2006

  • Health:  Musicians and Weight Training
  • Fun Stuff:  Guitar Hero Review (PS2)
  • Artist:  Sanjo and Chandrani - Two Artistes. One Guitar. Endless Music
  • Guitar Care:  How To Restring An Electric Guitar
  • Learning:  How To Turn A Rap Song Into A Country Song
  • Lesson:  Guitar Lesson - Mode Mysteries
  • Gear:  Super Guitars - Made In America
  • Songwriting:  Creating The Perfect Structure For Your Song
  • Marketing:   Four Tactics To Pack Fans Into Your Email List
  • Recommendation: Guitar Alliance - Online Training Program
  • New Product: Learn 2 Play Guitar Six Pack PLUS Master Resell Rights.
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    May 4th, 2006

  • Health:  Environmental Issues For Musicians
  • Audio Hi Fi:  Analogue Is Good!
  • Artist:  Gordon Giltrap - Double Vision!
  • Performing:  Tips For The Solo Musician: The Power Of Sound
  • Learning:  You Need Stronger Fingers For Guitar Playing
  • Performing:  How to Fake Being a Better Guitarist In Five Easy Steps (Part 1 of 2)
  • Music:  Downloading MP3s Legally and Not-So-Legally
  • Songwriting:  Lyric Writing 101 - Part 1
  • Webmasters:   How DO Spammers Get Your Email Address?
  • Recommendation: Musicians Friend
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    May 20th, 2006

  • Health:  What Makes Musicians Prone To Repetitive Strain Injury?
  • Artist:  Spectrum (Excuse Me Just One Moment While I.....)
  • Rock and Roll:  No Difference?
  • Lesson:  How To Practise Guitar Chord Changes
  • Lesson: Ukulele Tab: Learn To Play Morning Has Broken On Your Ukulele  
  • Performing:  How To Survive A Horror Gig as a Guitarist
  • Performing:  How to Fake Being a Better Guitarist In Five Easy Steps (Part 2 of 2)
  • Recording: Professional Studio Tips - Virtual Canvas
  • Recommendation: Guitar Tips and Guitar Backing Tracks
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    June 5th, 2006

  • Health:  Back Pain In Classical Guitarists
  • Artist:  The Radiohead Story
  • News:  Rock Guitarist Awarded $330,000 
  • Lesson:  How To Plug A Guitar Or Bass Into A Computer
  • Guitar Care: More Top Tuning Tips - Whammy Bar, Nut, and Graphite Service
  • Performing:  Troubleshooting a Noisy PA System
  • Songwriting:  So, You Want To Collaborate? The Key to Success For Songwriters
  • Recording: Listening - A Question Of Studio Monitoring
  • Recommendation: Guitar Lesson Reviews - Compare the Top Five Sites Side by Side
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    June 25th, 2006

  • Health:  Chiropractic Care - Important For Musicians
  • Artist:  Led Zeppelin The #1 Rock and Roll Band Of All Time
  • Lesson:  Climb The Scale To Success
  • Lesson: Improvisation Should Be An Auditory Sensation!
  • Lesson:  Jam and Play Along For Lead Guitar
  • Lesson:  Learn How To Use The Whole Fretboard When Soloing
  • Lesson: Learn 3/4 Guitar Strumming
  • Recommendation: Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit
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    July 18th, 2006

  • Health:  Explanation, Treatment & Prevention of Trigger Finger
  • Artist:  The Beatles Are the Most Creative Band Of All Time
  • Lesson:  How To Nail A Solo
  • Learning: Developing Good Time
  • Learning:  Inspiration Wanted - Apply Within!
  • Songwriting:  The Art of Writing A Good Song
  • Performing: Performing, What's The Big Deal?
  • Recommendation: Guitar Alliance - Exclusive Learning Site
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    August 10th, 2006

  • Health:  Common personal injuries suffered by professional musicians  
  • Artist:  I Want To Be Like Jason
  • Lesson:  Ultimate Guitar Tab Lesson One
  • Learning: Learning The Guitar Fretboard - How Important Is It Anyway?
  • Recording:  Preparing Your Audio Master For CD Duplication Or Replication 
  • Performing: Yes, You Can Overcome Performance Anxiety In 24 Hours Or Less. Here Are 6 Things You Must Know First
  • Recommendation: Guitar Made Simple - 30% Discount
  • Hoges:  One Day At A Time
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    September 9th, 2006

  • Health:  Repetitive Injuries Continue To Plague Musicians  
  • Artist:  An Interview With Angus Young Of AC DC - Why He Plays a Gibson SG
  • Lesson:  Learning To Play Bass Guitar - 4 Guitar Playing Tips
  • Learning: Modal Theory For Guitar Players - Part 1
  • Recording:  Show Me The CD...If You Think Your Music's Great, Record It!  
  • Performing: The Gigging Essentials - Essential Guide To Gigging
  • Recommendation: Play Jazz Guitar
  • Hoges:  Redgum Audio Rules OK!
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    October 15th, 2006

  • Health:  How to Play the Organ on Stage With a Drummer and a Singer While Having a Heart Attack 
  • Artist:  Bard Of Ely
  • Lesson:  Learn To Read Music And Forget The TAB - Advice For Guitarists
  • Learning: Natural Talent - Jamie Andreas
  • Recording:  Home Recording Studio - What You'll Need To Get Started
  • Performing: The Main Reason Why You Don't Have a Record Deal - Yet!
  • Recommendation: Play Jazz Guitar
  • Hoges:  Dixie Chicks Go Off!
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    November 25th, 2006

  • Health:  You Need Stronger Fingers For Playing The Guitar
  • Artist:  How To Play Like Slash
  • Lesson: Running Laps Around Your Fretboard
  • Learning: Romantic Guitar - Can You Feel The Love?
  • Recording:  Creating a Home Studio
  • Gear: The Gear Pioneers
  • Recommendation: Jamorama Lead Guitar   ** NEW
  • Hoges:  More Frank (Zappa)
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