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Learn how to use the whole fretboard when soloing

Are you stuck in a rut playing the same pentatonic scale in the same position? This free guitar lesson will give you some extra patterns that will open the fretboard up to you. More patterns will be added from time to time. Subscribe to the newsletter below to be notified when this lesson is updated. Here's two new patterns to start you off.

Standard Pentatonic scale in A

 A  C  D  E  G  A  C  D  E  G  A  C


Now play this:


 G  A  C  D  E  G  A  C  D  E  G  A

This pattern contains exactly the same notes as the A Pentatonic, but now you have more freedom to move.

For even more freedom try this:

 C  D   E  F* G   A  B* C   D  E  F*  G   A  B* C  D

The notes with the * next to them are grace notes most of the time they will fit even though they are not included in the minor pentatonic scale.

So instead of having 12 notes to play with you now have 36! Also remember that these patterns are repeated above the 12 fret. Giving you a total of 72 notes to play with.



With these last two patterns the whole fretboard is covered. Once you get these mastered you can be anywhere on the fretboard and still know what notes to play.

  C    E   G    A   C    D    E   G    A    C    D    E



 E   G   A   C   D   E   G   A   C   D   E  G


Remember, mix them up, learn them inside out, back to front and above all have fun!


Thanks to our friends at Amazing Guitar for this lesson.  You can click here for their free newsletter.


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